Outsource Recruiting  
Outsource Recruiting  

Improving the efficiency of finding and presenting quality candidates

In these financially challenging times, staff reductions have added additional burdens to the human resources department. Partial outsourcing of the recruitment function can provide a simple and cost-effective solution.

RECRUiTER2.0 is a customized solution designed to augment your organization’s recruiting staff. It is a cost-effective outsourced service utilizing .NET technology to source, screen and qualify candidates.

RECRUiTER2.0 enables your company to maintain a lean in-house operation by eliminating the burden of additional permanent personnel. It is especially suited for companies that:

  • on occasion, do not have enough internal recruiting capacity
  • experience peak hiring periods
  • have special hiring ramp-ups
  • have multiple openings for the same position
  • require special handling, i.e. confidential openings
  • need to focus on on-boarding
  • need to focus on higher value recruiting activities

The RECRUiTER2.0 Process:

  • Based on your position description, a candidate pool is created utilizing eRecruitment and job optimization technologies.
  • Our professional recruiters source, identify and phone screen applicants.
  • A slate of 3 to 5 qualified candidates will be provided.
  • A summary paragraph, highlighting the candidates’ strengths, will be submitted with each résumé.

The RECRUiTER2.0 solution provides candidates who have been screened to your specifications and are interested in learning more. A professional recruiter is assigned to partner with you to fully understand the specifics of the job requirements, company culture and other factors that enhance interview-to-hire ratios.

RECRUiTER2.0 offers an innovative financial arrangement that lowers cost-per-hire expenditures. This unique arrangement eliminates the traditional staffing agency fee structure based on a percentage of an individual’s annual salary. Instead, a flat rate enables our clients to hire as many as five candidates for approximately 25% of what a single hire would cost.

Fee Schedule:

Salary Range Cost Per Job
Up to $49,999 $2,500
$50,000 to $99,999 $3,500
$100,000 and up $5,000

Volume discounts available.

In addition to complete end-to-end management of candidate sourcing, screening and qualifying, RECRUiTER2.0 also offers an additional Extended Service Option which includes:

  • re-screening candidates based on new job qualifications
  • appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • post interview follow-up/feedback
  • verbal extension of job offer

The fee for the Extended Service Option plan will be quoted on an individual basis, based on the number of services requested and/or the number of job openings to be filled.