Customized Strategies

Changing times demand new solutions.

To more effectively capture both the active and passive job seeker, emerging staffing technologies have altered the recruitment landscape.

It is the mission of Webworks Alliance to identify and evaluate the very best of these staffing resources and acquire them at dramatically reduced rates for our clients. The following is a brief overview of the most effective of these new products and services.

Short Message Service (Text Messaging): Until recently, email was utilized as the sole method for sending job alerts from job boards to potential job candidates. Now, SMS technology makes it possible for employers to create a direct and more personal relationship with job candidates via text messaging.

Potential candidates are directed to your corporate career page, where they are asked to join your company's talent network to learn about job opportunities. The candidate fills out a brief application, including cell phone number, and thus establishes a connection via text messaging.

SMS makes it easy to group broadcast job alerts, career fairs, open houses, and campus recruiting. Correspondence can be sent based on zip codes, job titles, academic credentials, or a combination of qualifiers.

This technology is best used when a large number of candidates fall within the same job category. For example: accountants for an accounting firm or customer service/sales personnel for a large retail chain or call center.

Candidate Re-Targeting: This application tags all job seekers who view a specific job opening on your career page but fail to apply for the position. Approximately 25% to 40% of these potential job candidates are identified and followed to the websites they routinely visit, where they are invited to revisit your open position.

On average, 18% of those who receive your invitation return to the career page. Of this number, 11% to 25% respond by completing and submitting an application for the position that had previously been viewed. 

This program gives you a second chance to successfully capture nearly 5% of all candidates that failed to apply for a position with your company when the position was first viewed. Thus, if your career page receives 10,000 unique visitors each month, the Candidate Re-Targeting program should generate approximately 500 additional applications per month.

TalentSeekr: This option, similar to Candidate Re-Targeting, casts a wider net. By electronically following an individual's online behavior patterns (Candidate Digital DNA), it is possible to locate and track your ideal candidates and consistently have your career opportunity in front of them on the sites they visit most often. Both the active and passive job seeker is captured by this process.

By incorporating the use of candidate digital DNA into your staffing strategy, you provide your recruiters a competitive advantage in their search for top talent.

JobMagic: Social networking is recognized as a proven tool for recruiting, and many companies have their own Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. In order to take advantage of this sourcing option, JobMagic will enable you to simultaneously establish your brand on all of the major social networking sites.

Candidates are able to reach you on their preferred networks, join your talent pool, and keep current with your job postings.

JobMagic automatically publishes your jobs across the social web, from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to MySpace, and 300 other social media channels. In addition, your jobs reach over 100 million web visitors via search engines and job board aggregators. Your job postings are posted automatically. For example, Jobmagic automatically tweets and retweets all of your jobs through your branded Twitter account.

Indeed.com: Indeed.com is the most popular of the jobsite aggregators, generating over 300 million job searches each month, exceeding its closest competitor (including all job boards) by approximately 100 million visits per month. Today, it is recognized as the number one source for job seekers.

Fees for sponsored jobs are determined on a per-click basis. The cost per click is dependent upon the popularity of the position and its geographic location. Fees frequently range from 25¢ to $1.25 per click. You have the option to establish the budget for each posting. Budgets can be customized on a daily or monthly basis. No annual commitment is required. Sponsored jobs are:

  • Highlighted at the top of the page (above organic postings)
  • Cross-posted to Indeed's network of leading sites
  • Targeted toward job seekers' specific search inquiries
  • Scrapped (optional) from your website (no need to write ad copy)

Recruitics: Job aggregators are now recognized as the number one source for job searches and applicants. Recruitics simultaneously posts your positions to the major job aggregator sites: Indeed, SimplyHired and JuJu, as well as the major networking communities: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter . It also offers its users the ability to refresh their postings on the aggregator sites every ten days. Equally important is their real time analytics (proprietary tracking) that guarantees 100% accuracy by embedding an electronic code within each posting. This tracking feature also works with postings to traditional job boards, such as Monster and Careerbuilder, as well as other non-aggregator sites.

Monster Power Resume Search: This new technology is professed to be the most advanced/game changing method for matching qualified job seekers with employers and generating unrivaled relevancy in search results.

Fueled by its patented semantic 6Sense search technology, Monster Power Resume Search offers the benefits of increasing your return on investment and allowing easier and smarter hiring decisions by:

  • Interpreting the meaning behind words and concepts rather than relying on narrow, literal meaning of keywords
  • Prioritizing candidates with the most recent experience
  • Sorting and ranking candidates based on relevancy
  • Displaying up to 5 candidates, side-by-side, for quick comparison
  • Providing flexibility to easily broaden or narrow search criteria
  • Indicating how closely candidates match your job requirements


Improving the efficiency of finding and presenting quality candidates